Unattended cooking is the #1 cause of home fires


Wallflowr keeps your family safe


Wallflower connects your mobile device to your gas or electric cooktop and constantly monitors whether its on or off.


Should a potentially hazardous situation occur such as leaving the home and forgetting to turn off your stove, Wallflower will alert you.


You'll have the ability to remotely shut down the range via Wallflower's mobile application.
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How it works

Easy Installation - Plug & Play

Peace of mind for...

Rushed Parent

Leave the house with the range on? Simply Forgot? Wallflower can alert you and shut off the range and you can always check and make sure that your home and family are safe.


Curious, mischievous or special needs children? Concerned about them hurting themselves with the range? Wallflower can be configured to alert you every time the range is turned on. You can even configure it to shut down immediately if you are not in the vicinity.

Aging at Home

Concerned about the welfare of an aging parent, but still want them to maintain their independence? Wallflower can alert you when they are using the range, and even allow you to remotely shut it off if you suspect trouble. Rules can be enabled to alert you only during specific times.




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